Treats or no treats? Collars or no collars? Too much praise or not enough praise? Positive or negative reinforcement? We incorporate a variety of tools to fit your pups needs and your goals: food, motivators (tennis balls, Frisbees, etc.), slip leads, flat buckle leashes, prong collars, e-collars, as well as utilize many different methodologies such as Perception Modification, pressure release, Conditioned Relaxation just to name a few. Our goal is to help your pup make good decisions and the right choices enough times until these behaviors become “learned behaviors” and he is making these decisions on their own. High distraction training helps to proof this in all situations life may give us.


 Our Dog Trainers


Puppy Kindergarten

Did you just get a new puppy? Need help with some puppy problems? During our puppy program your dog learns an auto sit, place command, loose leash walking, and an off command! We also properly socialize your puppy with people and dogs! (This is for puppies 12 WEEKS  to 6 months)

In home one on one lessons

Are you someone who loves to learn new things? One on one lessons would be a perfect fit for you. You and your dog learn a the same time. Your trainer will come out once a week for an hour long lesson, give you homework, and come out again the following week!

Behavior modification

Has your dog had previous training and need a tune up? Behavior modification could be the package for you!

Heel like A Expert


A walk that doesn’t feel like you are in the Iditarod? Would be nice right? Well it is possible! This class is designed to help dogs and owners have more enjoyable walks while draining not just physical energy, but the very important mental energy that your dog is dying to exercise. There will be a large focus on showing your dog how to follow and teaching owners how to communicate effectively through their leash. By the completion of this class your dog will be heeling perfectly with you even around distractions!

Disclaimer: This class is not appropriate for intensely leash reactive dogs. (Mild barking and pulling towards dogs is acceptable!) If your dog exhibits these issues please call to sign up for a free evaluation fo


I met Drew three years ago through a rescue who I was adopting my third dog from.  The dog I adopted came with training, but Drew went over and above his commitment to train and settle the dog into my pack by coming to my house once a week for eight months.  I have three very strong, stubborn dogs, one with human aggression and one with dog aggression. I hired him to train my other two pit bulls and he made such a difference with them.  I would not have succeeded with a balanced pack of three powerful dogs had it not been for Drew. If I had any questions at any time or if I needed some support I could call Drew and he would either talk me through my situation or he came by the house to work it through with me.  I still call Drew to bounce things off him or to ask for doggie tune up. He is very accommodating and keeps me and dogs on point. I highly recommend Drew; he is the most talented, respected, compassionate, knowledgeable, patient dog trainer you would ever find. 

Deborah T.

I have an 8 year old Boston terrier named Tommy that I adopted in June 2013.  He was the newest one in a long line of Boston terriers, a breed I have had all of my life.  (My previous Boston had died in March aged 14.  He was a rescue, too.) Not much was known about Tommy other than he was a stray.  He lived with a foster family for 6 weeks before I adopted him.  I was told that he got along with other dogs which was very important to me.  I like to take walks in my neighborhood which is very dog friendly.  I also wanted a dog that would get along with my sister’s two Boston terriers.  My dog walked nicely on a leash until he saw another dog.  He would bark and lunge at it, jumping in the dog’s face.  This happened repeatedly even though the other dogs were not reacting other than to back away.  I took a seven week class in dog obedience at a local rescue facility.  My dog did very well except the main problem of aggression towards other dogs was not addressed.  Fortunately a friend learned of drew  and K9 EXPERT and put me in touch with him.  After an evaluation by Drew I agreed to a training program in which Tommy would be with Andrew for two weeks, 24 hours a day.  Tommy did so well that he “graduated” after 8 days.  The change in my dog is remarkable.  Not only is the aggressive behavior gone but he is such a happy, relaxed boy.  Being with my dog is such a pleasure now – for both of us.  I can take him any where with complete confidence.  drew is everything one would want in a trainer; his skill, talent and knowledge are evident immediately.  Equally important is his obvious love of dogs and his passion for his work.

Stuart A.

Drew you are Awesome, what a Great Trainer! I have a 6 Month old German Shepherd name Mattie. These are things she likes to do: Pull me down the road when I try to walk her, bites at me, won't look at me, won't sit, stay, or come to me. Loves to keep jumping on people when they come over. Etc...Etc...Etc. She just started her first session with Drew and I was so amazed in the first 5 min. (couldn't believe it was my dog). After her session I took her outside myself, she sit when I said her name, gave direct eye contact with me and walked right beside my leg like she was a show I could walk away from her and she would sit until I released her. Still can hardly believe her change. Can't wait for the next session. Thank you, K9 EXPERT Thank you Drew...You are the Man.

Nita W

I really can't say enough good things about Drew and The K9 Expert. I've only attended on session and I'm already seeing a new, better dog. Truly the wispier  Dog congratulations for her hard work!

Linda G.

Drew  at K9 EXPERT is an incredible trainer, I've had 4 lessons with him so far and have been enjoying every second. Communicating with people and connecting with the dogs, hes awesome! He explains things great and he really uses a lot of common sense techniques. An amazing trainer, if you need some help with your dog...I highly suggest K9 EXPERT and Drew! You'll love every second of learning how to train your dog and how your dog responds to the training! The best part is...No clickers and no 'treating' for nothing! I cannot express anymore gratitude with how much Drew has worked with my puppy, Mimi! Theres nothing bad to say and its hard to fit all the goodness in words! My final words; This trainer and facility are amazing and you are missing out!

Emily G.

Best trainer I've ever had Drew great with kids too..My daughter feel in luv with him and his work....Very  motivated, I highly recommend...

Amber S.

Hello, my name is Nate K., After recently attending the K9 Expert Professional Canine Trainer/Handler Program, I am most honored to be offered a chance at bringing a K9 expert facility to my home town of Charlotte NC. From my first memories as a child to this day, canines and myself have always had a very strong bond. Though it was only after I sought help from CEO, Mr. drew H that I was able to better understand negative canine behavior and how to guide them along the path of becoming a better companion. I have had the pleasure of training under the direct supervision of Drew H. for four years.

Nate K.

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